Powering the future

Everyday that the sun continues to shine, there will be an infinite supply of energy to power the solar panels and to create the weather that drives the wind turbines to produce electric power

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Models (VAWT)

Cost-efficient turbines survives high wind speeds, and can be hydraulically operated.

1KW Capacity

On or off grid power for a remote cottage, hybrid system with solar isolated remote monitoring.


On or off grid telecom net metering program residential to commercial agriculture forestry.


Grid connect system currently in development.


On or off grid telecom net metering program residential to commercial forestry agriculture


On or off grid and micro-grid system


Grid connect system currently in development.

Wind Sail Energy VWAT towers range from 5.5 meters up to 11 meters from the ground.

An Indigenous owned company, Wind Sail Energy operates in the spirit of reconciliation with renewable energy.

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About Wind Sail Energy

Wind Sail Energy is a Canadian wind turbine company that introduces the technology Talos Industry Corporation windmills. Their unique design and reliability have been very successful in worldwide sales since 2005. Additionally, through trial and error with the advancement of on-grid inverters, Wind Sail Energy has successfully integrated the new inverters that have enabled us to connect to the grid in Canada.

Wind Sail Energy working Talos Industry Corporation can provide unique hybrid systems, using wind and solar sharing the same control unit. Their expertise in design and innovation makes them world leaders. The wind turbine applications in Canada are numerous, from rural to industrial to commercial to remote communities, wherever electricity is required.

Climate change continues to accelerate; there has not been a more critical time to endorse clean, sustainable energy technologies. Today’s choices by citizens, corporations, and governments will define how well we live in the future. Our goal is to be part of that equation for a better world.

With Canada supporting many initiatives for green energy, it is time-critical that many of our Northern communities, which rely on the expensive generation of power, have the same options for a better environment, considering the disparities in many services. As well, the application of clean energy from the wind applies to wherever power is required.

Wind Sail Energy Projects

Community benefits

Helps combat the high cost of energy in both urban and rural areas of Canada.

wind energy

Power the Future

Responding to climate change with a cleaner and more affordable generation of green energy.

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