Wind Sail Energy is a Canadian wind turbine company that introduces the technology of Talos Industry Corporation windmills. Their unique design and reliability have been very successful in worldwide sales since 2005. Additionally, through trial and error with the advancement of on-grid inverters, Wind Sail Energy has successfully integrated the new inverters that have enabled us to connect to the grid in Canada.

Wind Sail Energy working closely with Talos Industry Corporation can provide unique hybrid systems, using wind and solar sharing the same control unit. Their expertise in design and innovation makes them world leaders. The wind turbine applications in Canada are numerous, from rural to industrial to commercial to remote communities, wherever electricity is required.

Climate change continues to accelerate; there has not been a more critical time to endorse clean, sustainable energy technologies. Today’s choices by citizens, corporations, and governments will define how well we live in the future. Our goal is to be part of that equation for a better world.

With Canada supporting many initiatives for green energy, it is time-critical that many of our Northern communities, which rely on the expensive generation of power, have the same options for a better environment, considering the disparities in many services. As well, the application of clean energy from the wind applies to wherever power is required.

1kW Wind Turbine Brantford, On, 2018

About VAWT

Each VAWT offers a high survival wind speed capability and towers from the standard 5.5 meters to 11 meters in height- capable of being lowered to 90 degrees angle when incorporating an innovative hydraulic system. These windmills are considered lift-type, with several patents registered in countries throughout the world. In addition, the wind turbine and wind controller are signed off to CSA standards enabling on-grid connections in Canada. Our basic models include the 1KW, 3KW, 5KW, 10KW, with the 50KW and 500KW in development.

The innovative design follows the principle of flight, where the blades generate lift, causing rotation, thus generating electricity.

One impressive aspect is the “active real-time pitch attack angle regulation” initially designed by the Talos engineers in 2005. In 2006, the first international patent was issued to this technology, followed by a US patent issuance in 2010. Once the wind speed begins to approach 12 m/s, the five blades start to change their angle of attack as centrifugal force increases. This angle range 0 -16 degrees is controlled by ten springs, causing the windmill to slow in the more substantial winds and to continue to generate electricity.

Once this passive braking system reaches complete deflection and max voltage, a secondary automatic brake is activated.

Wind Sail Energy brings VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Technology) energy source to Canada towards a better tomorrow.