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The state of the art engineering of our Vertical Access Wind Turbines offer efficiency and power second to none. Wind Sail Energy Turbines are made for the generation of clean, green and renewable energy.

high quality Construction

Automatic magnet brake
Smaller and more compact design
Easy to install

Engineering Efficiency

High performance levels at low speeds
High efficiency & very quiet
Captures wind from all directions

Urban & Rural friendly

Pitch control to govern speed
More safety features
Bird friendly

Installation & Maintenance

Less foundation requirements
Lower supporting towers
Less maintenance & Longer working life

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Rated Power: 1KW
Max Power: 1.2KW
Rated Wind Speed: 12m/s
Cut-in Speed: 2.5m/s
Cut-out Speed: 25m/s
Max Wind Speed: 50m/s


10 KW on Grid for Farmer in Australia, 2010

5 KW

5 Kw on Grid for Small factory in USA, 2009

3 KW

3 Kw on Grid for a Mobile Company in Germany, 2012


Commercial Use: Institutional or Industrial
Residential Use: Urban or Rural

Physical Parameters:
Mill Diameter: 1.8 m (5.9ft)
Mill Height: 2m (6.6ft)
Tower Weight & Height: 5.5m and 235 kg

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VAWT renewable energy

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are known worldwide. However, Talos Industries have solved all of the early problems that have plagued other designs. One of the most critical aspects was eliminating the vibrations because of one continuous shaft built in the generator. This innovative engineering of the Wind Turbine contributes to the highest efficiency in producing power to nearly any setting where power is required. 

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