A 3kw unit being built in Brant County, Canada.

Off-Grid 10KW Wind Turbine Kodiak Brown Bear Center, Kodiak Island, AK

This unique project of 2 – 10 KW Talos Off-Grid wind turbines were installed by Advance Power of Redwood Valley CA with GM Ed Ward in 2016. The wind turbines with a battery bank supply all the electrical power to the KBBC (Kodiak Brown Bear Centre). The advanced hydraulic design of the mast allowed construction of the towers to be completed without the use of a crane. This design would apply to several remote sites and northern communities that lack access to this equipment.

Manuals & Documents

The current system for the connection to the grid is based upon the Fimer (ABB) UNO- DM series solar inverters, With the newer technology, the solar program is able to be over written to accept the wind, thus allowing export to the grid. This also requires a smaller unit know as Inverter Control Unit which is used for transmitting wind turbine voltage to the solar inverter and updating all programs as they become available.